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Yacht club members spacewalking

A spacewalk (宇宙遊泳, Uchū Yūei), also known as extra-vehicular activity (EVA for short) is an activity where a person ventures outside of a spacecraft while in space.


A spacewalk is usually carried out when a person needs to perform a certain task outside of a ship in space, such as repair work which cannot be performed remotely [1], assisting with bringing smaller craft into a ship's airlock [2], and moving to and from ships when it is necessary to do so without docking or a vessel with life-support [3].

Spacesuits are required while performing this activity unless the persons involved have been modified to survive in the environment of space [4]. Spacewalkers also often have some form of thruster to assist with mobility outside of the ship and to prevent themselves from drifting too far [5][4].

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