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The yacht club in spacesuits

A spacesuit (宇宙服, Uchū-fuku) is a suit worn by a person to allow them to survive in the environment of space.


As people cannot survive in space, due to the vacuum conditions and temperature extremes, a spacesuit is required in order to protect them from the environment and keep them alive. A spacesuit is usually worn to carry out activities such as spacewalks.

While older spacesuits tend to be rather bulky and cumbersome [1], modern spacesuits are more slimmer [2].

Spacesuits have various displays, life-support and communication equipment installed in them. Modern spacesuits also have automatic systems which carry out safety checks and monitor the wearer's condition [2]. Some spacesuits have thrusters installed in them [1], and may also have a port into which an extra gas cylinder can be injected [3]. Spacesuits may also equipped with closable visors, lights and armaments [4].

When wearing a spacesuit, a person usually ties back their hair and wears a hood in order to prevent it from getting in their way during their spacewalk [2].


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