The Silent Whisper (サイレント・ウィスパー, Sairento U~isupā) is a small electronic-recon vessel. It is a relatively new model of spaceship.


Light NovelEdit

Silent Whisper

The Silent Whisper (Light Novel)

In the novels, the Silent Whisper has a delta wing/cranked arrow configuration with a central engine under the tail fin, ending in a cone with two rings around it and two flatter engines either side of it, built into the wings. An angled vertical fin is present near the front of the craft with an extrusion on the underside.


The anime version of the Silent Whisper has a diamond wing configuration, with the wings towards the rear of the craft. The cockpit is just ahead of where the wings start. Two coned engines with spiked rears are attached to the edges of the wings. A long booster, coned at each end, is attached to the top of the rear fuselage. Two small horizontal fins are at the rear of the craft.

Colour SchemeEdit

The novel Silent Whisper has a light purple-blue colour with white outlines. The rear of the engine is green.

The anime Silent Whisper has dark blue on fuselage and outlines on the wings, engines and a band around the upper booster, with black on the inner wing and engines.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Silent Whisper has sophisticated electronics and observational/listening equipment for reconnaissance purposes. It is also capable of FTL travel.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

Around the time the yacht club filled in for the regular Bentenmaru crew, the Silent Whisper was a relatively new type of ship and they had recently been deployed by the imperial fleet. They had been sold to various wealthy corporations and stellar navies, with Serenity acquiring one not long before the arc began. Jenny Dolittle was able to acquire one, which she intended to use to escape to the Bentenmaru [1].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

During the battle on Hrbek Oda between the Bentenmaru and the Yggdrasil Group's forces, Ririka Kato, hired by the Harold Lloyd Insurance Union to protect the Bentenmaru's crew, used their Silent Whisper to reach Professor Mugen's workshop ship on the comet [2].

Known ExamplesEdit

Only a few Silent Whispers have been seen in the series so far. One was used by Jenny Dolittle to escape from the Ultimate Fairy to the Bentenmaru [1]. Ownership was later transferred to Marika Kato as payment for the Bentenmaru's service. It was left with the yacht club [3] and has been used several times since then, both by the yacht club [4][5] and by the Bentenmaru crew [6]. Another Silent Whisper was stationed aboard the Grand Cross and was used by Quartz Christie to escape [7]. One is also in the possession of the Harold Lloyd Insurance Union [2].



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