Planet - Sea of the Morning Star

An orbital view of the Sea of the Morning Star.

Sea of the Morning Star (うみのあけほし, Uminoakehoshi, lit. Morning Star of the Sea) is the third planet of the Tau Ceti system [1]. It is the home planet of Marika Kato, Ririka Kato, Mami Endo, and the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club.



As the majority of the planet is covered by water, the planet appears mostly blue from space. There is only a single continent on the planet [2][3], with various bridges stretching across the ocean, connecting points on the continent [4].

The planet also has several arcs surrounding it comprised of cosmic dust. The reason for the inconsistent curves is unknown.


The Sea of the Morning Star possesses an atmosphere and climate capable of supporting human life, and apparently did not require any terraforming during colonization [1].


During the War of Independence, the Sea of the Morning Star is one of the colonised planets that rebelled against the Stellar Alliance and bestowed Letters of Marque to pirates to support its fleet [1].

Notable LocationsEdit


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