The Princess and The Pirate (姫と海賊, Hime to Kaizoku) or Sailing 8 is the 8th episode of Mouretsu Pirates.


Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit

Major EventsEdit

  • The Bentenmaru crew are introduced to Princess Gruier Serenity, who asks them to find the Golden Ghost Ship.
  • Gruier transfers into Hakuoh Academy.
  • The Bentenmaru goes to meet an unknown ship entering the Tau Ceti system and finds a damaged Serenity Corback, pursued by several other Serenity ships.



New ShipsEdit



Differences from Light NovelEdit


Opening NarrationEdit

"The third planet in the Tau Ceti system, Sea of the Morning Star. As with most newly settled planets, once generations passed, and its population increased, relations with its overseer, the Stellar Alliance, worsened. And a war of independence began. To complement their meager fleet, the government of the Sea of the Morning Star issued Letters of Marque. And legal space pirates were born. Over a hundred years have passed since the war's end, and this is a story of pirates sailing the seas of space."

Next Episode PreviewEdit

"Multiple factions within the royal palace. As the princess struggles against them alone, the girl offers her hand. What is the golden ghost ship that holds the key to ending the struggle? Destiny leads the girl into wider seas. Next time, on Mouretsu Pirates: A Beautiful Launch. Look forward to it."

Ending QuoteEdit

"Captain! Your orders?"


Voice CastEdit

Marika Kato Mikako Komatsu Luci Christian
Chiaki Kurihara Kana Hanazawa Caitlynn French
Misa Grandwood Shizuka Itou Carli Mosier
Kane McDougal Masaya Matsukaze Chris Patton
Hyakume Keiji Fujiwara Kalob Martinez
Coorie Yui Horie Hilary Haag
Schnitzer Kenta Miyake George Manley
Luca Kaoru Mizuhara Monica Rial
San-Daime Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Greg Ayres
Gruier Serenity Haruka Tomatsu Monica Rial
Ririka Kato Yuko Kaida Shelley Calene-Black
Mami Endo Chiaki Omigawa Brittney Karbowski
Narrator Rikiya Koyama Mike Yager


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 00.00 Opening Narration
2 Mugen no Ai 00.40 Opening Theme
3 Akuu wo Iku Mono [2] 02.19 Explaining about the captain
4 Mikkou Oujo [2] 04.42 Gruier Serenity
5 Hibi Heion [1] 06.24 Introductions to the crew
6 Hajimete no Tatakai [1] 08.49 Missing report
7 Eyecatch A 09.57 Part 1 End
8 Eyecatch B 10.01 Part 2 Start
9 Shin Okuhama-shi [1] 10.06 Gruier transfers to Hakuoh
10 Nodoka na Nichijou [1] 13.29 Nighttime
11 Kakemochi Marika [2] 15.39 Gruier in the car
12 Marika to Mami [1] 18.19 Talk on the bridge
13 Captain Marika [1] 20.08 Serenity forces
14 Lost Child 21.12 Ending Theme
15 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 22.44 Next Episode Preview


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