Marika Makes a Decision (茉莉香、決意する, Marika Ketsui Suru) or Sailing 5 is the 5th episode of Mouretsu Pirates.


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Major EventsEdit

  • Marika makes a change to the Odette II's flight plan to save time.
  • Near midnight, the enemy begins an electronic attack on the Odette II which is channeled into the dummy system.
  • After the Lightning 11 reveals itself, the Odette II begins electronic warfare and quickly seizes control, but the Lightning 11 turns off its computers.
  • The Lightning 11 fires on the Odette II using optical targeting. Marika uses the solar sails to blind the gunners.
  • The Bentenmaru, Barbaroosa and Stellar Military forces arrive to assist the Odette II. Chiaki reveals herself to be the daughter of the Barbaroosa's captain.
  • Marika decides to become the Bentenmaru's captain.



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Differences from Light NovelEdit


Opening NarrationEdit

"Transponders are a broadcasting device required to be active on all ships in order to notify others of their presence. A ship's name, registry, present location and heading...The transponder's information is human will and goals. When sailors understand one another's ships, the quietness of space becomes a golden sea. In this era, space is still filled with memories of the great age of exploration."

Next Episode PreviewEdit

"The girl has made her decision. What was supposed to be a fun summer vacation has become difficult training. The expectations of the people around her...Her own nervousness...Amidst all this, her first voyage as a pirate begins. Next time, on Mouretsu Pirates: Marika's First Day at Work. Look forward to it."

Ending QuoteEdit

"Begin combat operations."



  • During the original broadcast, the Odette II's display had 'dummy' written as 'dammy'. This was corrected by the time of the Blu-Ray release but retained in the DVD release.

Voice CastEdit

Marika Kato Mikako Komatsu Luci Christian
Chiaki Kurihara Kana Hanazawa Caitlynn French
Ririka Kato Yuko Kaida Shelley Calene-Black
Misa Grandwood Shizuka Itou Carli Mosier
Kane McDougal Masaya Matsukaze Chris Patton
Hyakume Keiji Fujiwara Kalob Martinez
Jenny Dolittle Rina Satō Shannon Emerick
Lynn Lambretta Yōko Hikasa Emily Neves
Mylene Certon Saori Hayami Elizabeth Bannor
Berinda Percy Suzuko Mimori Maggie Flecknoe
Asta Alhanko Kiyono Yasuno Tiffany Terrell
Izumi Yunomoto Maaya Uchida Tiffany Grant
Syoko Kobayashimaru Kanako Nomura Allison Sumrall
Sasha Staple Natsumi Takamori Tiffany Terrell
Lilly Bell Satomi Satō Cynthia Martinez
Ursula Abramov Asuka Nishi Emily Neves
Maki Harada Chinatsu Akasaki Kris Carr
Traffic Controller Yasuaki Takumi Unverified
Narrator Rikiya Koyama Mike Yager


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 00.00 Opening Narration
2 Mugen no Ai 00.33 Opening Theme
3 Hakuoh Jogakuin [1] 04.36 Sneaking onto the bridge
4 Shikou kara Ketsuron [1] 07.10 The attack begins
5 Hajimete no Tatakai [1] 11.01 Battle stations
6 Eyecatch B 11.53 Part 2 Start
7 Ugokidasu Toki [1] 12.00 The enemy reveals themselves
8 Tatakau Yacht-bu [1] 14.29 Counterattack
9 Yochou [1] 15.54 Under fire from the Lightning 11
10 Captain Marika [1] 18.01 Marika moves the sails to blind the enemy
11 Uchuu Kaizokusen Bentenmaru [1] 20.04 Chiaki's heritage and Marika's decision
12 Lost Child 21.18 Ending Theme
13 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 22.44 Next Episode Preview


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