The Odette II Leaves Port (オデット二世、出航!, Odetto Nisei, Shukkō!) or Sailing 3 is the 3rd episode of Mouretsu Pirates.


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Major EventsEdit

  • Marika activates the Odette II's electronic warfare systems to counter the enemy cyber-attack, but the power usage causes the dock's breaker to trip.
  • Marika learns of a non-aggression pact concerning her.
  • Exams and end of term at Hakuoh Academy.
  • The Odette II departs from the Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station on the practice cruise.
  • One of the yards opens during mast deployment and jams. Marika, Chiaki, Kane and the other first-year students perform a spacewalk in order to fix it.





Differences from Light NovelEdit


Opening NarrationEdit

"There are various strategies employed by space pirates. Some involve frontal assaults, guns blazing, some involve waiting in ambush, and some use boarding parties and man-to-man combat. But regardless which is used, bringing the enemy ship's systems under your control is critical. Electronic warfare is a quiet battle, fought without guns or hand-to-hand combat. The losing ship cedes control of its life support systems to the enemy."

Next Episode PreviewEdit

"A mysterious shadow follows the fun practice cruise. What is the best choice she's made, not as potential captain of a pirate ship, but as a normal high school girl, as a member of the yacht club? Next time, on Mouretsu Pirates: The Final Battle is at Midnight. Look forward to it."

Ending QuoteEdit

"Everyone's just a dot in space."


  • This is the first episode where Marika talks to Chiaki using the '-chan' honorific.
  • The yacht club's positions on the bridge during the launch are as follows (clockwise from captain's seat position):
    • Upper Level
      • Jenny (captain's seat)
      • Marika (navigation)
      • Chiaki (communications)
      • Lynn (radar)
      • Maki
      • Lilly and Ursula (electronic warfare)
      • Sasha
      • Kane
      • Talvikki (engines)
      • Syoko
    • Lower Level
      • Berinda (masts)
      • Izumi (sail systems)
      • April
      • Flora
      • Mylene
      • Asta (sails)

Voice CastEdit

Marika Kato Mikako Komatsu Luci Christian
Chiaki Kurihara Kana Hanazawa Caitlynn French
Ririka Kato Yuko Kaida Shelley Calene-Black
Mami Endo Chiaki Omigawa Brittney Karbowski
Misa Grandwood Shizuka Itou Carli Mosier
Kane McDougal Masaya Matsukaze Chris Patton
Jenny Dolittle Rina Satō Shannon Emerick
Lynn Lambretta Yōko Hikasa Emily Neves
Berinda Percy Suzuko Mimori Maggie Flecknoe
Asta Alhanko Kiyono Yasuno Tiffany Terrell
Izumi Yunomoto Maaya Uchida Tiffany Grant
Sasha Staple Natsumi Takamori Tiffany Terrell
Lilly Bell Satomi Satō Cynthia Martinez
Maki Harada Chinatsu Akasaki Kris Carr
Traffic Controller Yasuaki Takumi Unverified
Narrator Rikiya Koyama Mike Yager


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 00.00 Opening Narration
2 Mugen no Ai 00.36 Opening Theme
3 Hajimete no Tatakai [1] 03.09 Automatic defences
4 Marika to Mami [1] 05.01 Post-incident, Piano mix
5 Shin Okuhama-shi [1] 06.09 Lamp House
6 Hibi Heion [1] 08.17 Exams, Variant mix
7 Futatsu no Nichijou [2] 10.33 Gathering to depart
8 Eyecatch A 11.19 Part 1 End
9 Eyecatch B 11.23 Part 2 Start
10 Hakuoh Jogakuin [1] 11.27 The Odette II departs
11 Shikou kara Ketsuron [1] 13.54 A mast jams
12 Chiaki Kurihara [1] 15.54 Suiting up
13 Hanabanashii Uchuu [1] 18.26 Spacewalk
14 Lost Child 21.11 Ending Theme
15 Daikoukai Jidai [1] 22.43 Next Episode Preview


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