The Pleiades-class (プレアデス級, Pureadesu-kyū) is a battleship class used by the Colony Federation and the Sea of the Morning Star during the War of Independence. The only known ship of this class is the battleship Alcyon [1].



A ship of this design, the Alcyon, was shown to have had a cone and cylinder shape common to many rockets, with four fins at the rear. The bridge is located just behind the nose cone. Behind the bridge are two turrets with three cannons each, on the upper starboard and port side, with what maybe a single cannon on the underside of the hull. There is a docking bay behind the guns on the side of the ship. On the edge of each of the four fins is an additional engine with a cone at the front. The central engine appears to have four nozzles [1].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The exact technological and combat capacity of the Pleiades-class is unknown, though the schematics of the Alcyon show the presence of several cannons [1].


Pleiades-class ships were in service in the Colony Federation's navy during the War of Independence [1].

Known ShipsEdit


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