The Pirate Guild (海賊ギルド, Kaizoku Girudo) is, as its name suggests, a pirate organization, operating in the frontier regions. Its membership consists of pirates who lack the amnesty and privileges provided by the Letter of Marque.


The organization is made up of frontier pirates who lack Letters of Marque and have banded together to survive and succeed as wanted criminals. The guild's base of operations is believed to be located on the ancient space fortress known as the Skull Star [1]. Although they have a lot of illegal businesses going on, they strictly prohibit human trafficking [2].


The organization itself was originally a network formed by people who lost their homeland or settlers that lost their target planet during their travels. The network gave out information about which planet accepts new immigrants and trade information about where to obtain certain products and materials and where to sell them [1].

It was later called the Pirate Guild when people started to abuse the information network, sometimes using it to control information, sometimes using it for sabotage in groups and sometimes even using force. The force used was originally just for interupting trades, but when factions that doesn't like the network called them pirates, and when they actually interupted trades, they started to call themselves pirates as a joke, and people on ships that doesn't have a mother port and license were called pirates and when the network that organized them together, became called as the Pirate Guild [1].

The Guild was strenghtened to more than a joke when the Galactic Empire fought the Eradication War to eradicate all pirates from its territory and held its border for 100 years during the 100 year battlefront. The pirates were not organized and they needed a commanding headquarters, and the powerful information network, or the Guild, became where they organized, thus the Pirate Guild that is against the Galactic Empire was born [1].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Members of the guild, including executive Müller Grant, were involved the plot to acquire the Stellar Slayer and the subsequent battle which insued [3].

Skull Star Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

During this arc, the Bentenmaru were hired by the Galactic Empire's intelligence department to have a small group infiltrate the fortress Skull Star, home to the guild [1].



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