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Pirate's Nest

Pirate's Nest (Exterior)

The Pirate's Nest (海賊の巣, Kaizoku no Su) is a hidden base located within an asteroid field, a meeting place for pirates.


The Pirate's Nest is designed to be a hidden base, meant only for pirates and built into an asteroid, surrounded by many other asteroids, gas clouds and stellar debris.

The location of the Pirate's Nest is transmitted via a pirate song which can be broadcast by the sons of the Legendary Chef. This song is picked up by the old communication equipment which is kept aboard every pirate ship with a Letter of Marque [1].

The largest asteroid contains a large circular port where many large ships can be moored [2]. There are also various ports positioned in space near the asteroid, used for repair work and maintenance [3].

There are several train lines operating within the port [2].


The Pirate's Nest was constructed at some point before or during the War of Independence. During the war, pirates bearing Letters of Marque met at the Pirate's Nest for the Pirate's Council [1].

Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

After a series of attacks on pirate ships by the Grand Cross, the pirate's song was broadcast, summoning the frontier pirates to the Pirate's Nest. A number of pirate ships answered the call and headed there, though several were sunk en route by the pirate hunter [3].

Over a dozen pirate ships and their crews successfully arrived at the nest to attend the Pirate's Council. As the ships were gathering, the nest was infiltrated by Quartz Christie, the Grand Cross's captain, who intended to disrupt their plans. The Parabellum also briefly docked at the nest to retrieve her on the orders of the Galactic Empire's queen. After the council was held and their battle plans were prepared, the pirate ships left the nest to confront the Grand Cross [2]. Following the battle with the Grand Cross, the pirates briefly returned to the Pirate's Nest to celebrate their victory before going their separate ways [4].


  • Main Port
  • The Council Room
  • Main Port
  • Maintainence Bays
  • Fei's restaurant
  • Council Room
  • Town


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