The Original Seven (オリジナルセブン, Orijinaru Sebun) are a group of legendary pirate ships who were the first to receive Letters of Marque during the War of Independence. The Bentenmaru and the Hakuchou are two known members of this group.


When the Colony Federation started giving out Letters of Marque to pirates in order to supplement their forces during the War of Independence against the Stellar Alliance, the Original Seven were the first seven ships to apply for and receive letters.



  • The captains of the pirate ships Low of War, Dark Star and Love Machine refer to themselves as the Original "Eight", "Nine" and "Ten" - a sort of a step down from the Original Seven. They claim they spent the night drinking so the others reached the government office before them [2].
  • This group may be a reference to the seven privateers hired by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, the first ships of what would become the US Navy.


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