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Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace

During the spring break before her third year at Hakuoh Academy, Marika's busy days are filled with pirating, yacht club activities and part-time work. However a series of subspace accidents have led to various pirating jobs being cancelled one after another.

When she accepts a job from Jenny Dolittle to raid one of Fairy Jane's liners, Marika notices a certain name on the passenger list and requests an addition to the performance.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Kanata Mugen is being pursued and boards the liner Begin The Beguine with his Galaxy Pass. His pursuers follow but as he is cornered, the Bentenmaru begins its raid on the liner. During the performance, Marika directs a phrase in Kanata's direction and understanding, Kanata demands the pirates take him as a hostage.

Once he is safely aboard the Bentenmaru, Kanata learns from Marika that his father entrusted the Bentenmaru with a certain task. Thus begins a journey in search of the legacy of Kanata's father, the subspace explorer Professor Mugen...