Sailing 26 - Heading for battle

Sailing 26: There Go The Pirates

Faced with the threat of the pirate hunter Quartz Christie and her advanced warship, Grand Cross, the frontier pirates assembled at the Pirate's Nest for the first meeting of the Pirate's Council since the War of Independence, beckoned by the ancient Pirate's Song.

Despite Quartz's infiltration and certain pirates' reckless actions, the council was a success and the pirates united to face their common foe, with the repaired and upgraded Bentenmaru chosen as the electronic warfare control point for the assembled fleet.

Having challenged the pirate hunter to a final battle, the pirates departed together to settle things. Arriving at the chosen location for the showdown, where the Bentenmaru once encountered the Golden Ghost Ship, Marika and the frontier pirates face off against Quartz Christie's Grand Cross.