The Mouretsu Pirates Blu-Ray Box Short Story, titled On Her Majesty's Space Pirates [1](王女殿下の宇宙海賊, Ōjodenka no Uchū Kaizoku, Her Royal Highness The Princess's Space Pirate), is a short story by Yūichi Sasamoto included in the Mouretsu Pirates Blu-Ray Box (in the Mouretsu Pirates Perfect Guide Book), released on June 24th 2015 [2]. It is set before the events of the series and reveals why Gonzaemon Kato faked his death and became the imperial pirate Ironbeard [2].


A few days before Gonzaemon's 'death', he meets with the Queen of the Galactic Empire, Utolamela Christie, at Port Seruna. The two had first met as Utolamela was taking the Grand Tour traditionally undertaken by members of the royal family. The queen, who insists that Gonzaemon just call her Lamela, gives him a tour of a yet-to-be-christened battleship, which she intends to give to him. She explains to him about her request for him to become an imperial pirate on her behalf, as well as her reasons for making this request. She also asks him to take care of her daughter, currently training to use a mobile battleship and with an eye on pirate hunting.

At the end of their conversation, Utolamela declared the name she intended to give to the ship, "The pirate ship that crosses the vast universe, Parabellum", leading Gonzaemon to remark that she has terrible naming sense. Gonzaemon ultimately accepts her request and fakes his death a few days later.


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  • The short story's title is a reference to On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Japanese title: 女王陛下の007, Joōheika no 007, Her Majesty The Queen's 007).