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Misa Grandwood (ミーサ・グランドウッド, Miisa Gurandowoddo) is the Bentenmaru's medic. While undercover at Hakuoh Academy, she is the school's nurse.


Light NovelEdit


Misa has dark red eyes, hair which is pale blonde on top and blue lower down, and wears green lipstick.

Her pirate attire consists of a purple bodysuit with bridged gaps at the side which doesn't cover the lower arms or upper chest, a pink neckerchief, a pink belt with brown strips hanging down at the front and back and pink heeled boots with a purple/yellow kneeguard and brown straps. She wears a white coat over it when performing her duties as ship's doctor.

As the school nurse at Hakuoh Academy, Misa wears a white coat over a purple dress with lavender stockings and red high heels.


Misa Grandwood - Manga Back Cover

Misa on the manga volume's back cover

In the manga, Misa has hair which is darker in a section at the front above her eyes and a small tuft sticking up on top. She wears a dark suit like the other Bentenmaru crew members with a white doctor's coat over it.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Misa is intelligent, friendly and supportive, though strict at times, acting as a mentor for her younger captain. Though she holds Marika in high esteem and greatly trusts her judgment, Misa will not hesitate from lecturing Marika about certain things.

As a doctor, Misa dislikes it when patients whine unnecessarily [1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As the Bentenmaru's medic, Misa is a skilled physician. She also has excellent leadership skills and acts as Marika's second-in-command, taking charge when the captain is unavailable[2].

Furthermore, Misa is trained in the use of firearms[3] and can even pilot the Bentenmaru, albeit with a bit of difficulty [4]. She is capable of lip-reading as well [5].


Marika KatoEdit

Misa acts as a mentor for her captain, Marika. Though she will often sternly tell Marika when she is about to make a mistake, she also trusts her judgement and will support her to the best of her abilities.

Ririka KatoEdit

Misa and Ririka are good friends and have known each other for a long time (at least from when Ririka first joined the Bentenmaru's crew[6]).

Kane McDougalEdit

Misa has often worked together with Kane on various occasions, such as infiltrating Hakuoh Academy to watch over their future captain, Marika. While the two generally work well together and have a certain degree of trust, she will punish him for breaches of conduct [7] and caution him if she suspects he is doing something that would harm the Bentenmaru [3].

Bentenmaru CrewEdit

Misa generally gets along well with the rest of the crew and holds their respect. When Marika is absent, she is the one who rallies and leads the crew.



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