This glossary contains a list of terms and the like used in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series, a brief description and links to articles concerning them.




  • Calmwind: Home planet of the Nebula Cup.
  • Captain: The commander of a ship and its crew.
  • Cat-Monkey: Animal species resembling a cross between a cat and a monkey.
  • Catherine: Bodyguard Commander in the service of the Serenity Royal Family.
  • Celsius
    • Jackie Celsius: Scammer and wanted criminal with a number of aliases.
  • Central Line: A cruise line.
  • Certon
  • Chapie
  • Chimaera of Skylla: Frontier pirate ship captained by ‎Müller Grant.
  • Christie
    • Quartz Christie: Galactic Empire pirate, pirate hunter and captain of the Grand Cross.
  • Class-I: Designation for FTL ships.
  • Class-II: Designation for non-FTL ships.
  • Clone
  • Colony Federation: The colony planets that fought against their overseers in the War of Independence.
  • Coolph
  • Coorie: The Bentenmaru's electronic warfare specialist.
  • Corback-class: A mass-produced escort ship class.
  • Crew: Group responsible for flying a spaceship.
  • Cruiser: Warship class.
  • Cyborg: Short for "cybernetic organism", a living being consisting of both organic and mechanical parts.
  • Cypher
    • Scarlett Cypher: Character involved in the events surrounding Kanata Mugen.


  • Dark Star: Frontier pirate ship (the 9th ship to receive a Letter of Marque during the War of Independence).
  • Derrflinger-class: Mobile cruiser class.
  • Dinghy: Small single-seat sailing vessel.
  • Docking: The action of a spaceship physically connecting to another.
  • Dolittle
    • Jenny Dolittle: President of the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club during Marika's first year at Hakuoh Academy.
    • Robert Dolittle: Head of Hugh & Dolittle Interstellar Transportation (in the anime) and Jenny's uncle.
  • Dragon


  • Eight: Captain of the Low of War.
  • El Santo: Frontier pirate ship.
  • Electronic Warfare: Combat involving attempting to take control of an enemy's computer system while protecting one's own systems.
  • Elements Garden: Group of composers which composed music for the Mouretsu Pirates anime.
  • End of the North Star: The frozen eighth and outermost planet of the Tau Ceti system.
  • Endo
    • Mami Endo: One of Marika's closest friends.
    • Miki Endo: Ensign in the Tau Stellar Navy during the War of Independence.
  • Eradication War: A war fought by the Galactic Empire to eliminate all pirates in their territory.
  • Escort ship: Warship class meant for escorting other vessels.
  • Extra-vehicular activity: EVA for short and also referred to as 'Spacewalk', an activity involving going outside of a spacecraft into space.


  • Fahrenheit
  • Fairy Jane: Fast-growing interstellar travel company started by Jenny Dolittle.
  • Faster-than-light: Self-explanatory form of travel and communication
  • Fei: Chef in charge of the Pirate's Nest. One of the Legendary Chef's five sons.
  • Flawen: A type of subspace submersible, used by the Yggdrasil Group.
  • Flint: Robotic parrot owned by Kanata Mugen.
  • Frigard Line: A cruise line.




  • Ironbeard: Masked Galactic Empire pirate and captain of the Parabellum.


  • Jabberwocky: Battleship in the Hugh and Dolittle escort fleet.
  • Jibako: The Barbaroosa's medical officer.
  • ‎John: Captain of the Southern Island.
  • Jormungand: A ship-to-ship missile.
  • Jump: The action of entering subspace for FTL travel.


  • Kachua: Captain of the Viracocha.
  • Karyoubinga: Frontier pirate ship.
  • Kato
    • Bunzaemon Kato: Marika great-grandfather and the Bentenmaru's captain during the War of Independence.
    • Gonzaemon Kato: Marika's father and the Bentenmaru's previous captain.
    • Marika Kato: Main protagonist of the series. Captain of the pirate ship Bentenmaru and a high school student at Hakuoh Academy.
    • Ririka Kato: Marika's mother. Former space pirate, known as "Blaster Ririka".
  • Kelvin
    • Jackie Kelvin: Scammer and wanted criminal with a number of aliases.
  • Khan
  • Kid
  • King Records: Company running the StarChild imprint, under which Mouretsu Pirates was produced.
  • Kipling: Hakuoh Academy teacher. Marika's homeroom teacher and Yacht Club advisor before being involved in an accident just before the start of the series.
  • Kobayashimaru
  • Koja: Captain of the Lucky Star.
  • Kokuchou: Pirate ship lost during the battle over Garnet A in the final days of the War of Independence.
  • Kuki
  • Kurihara


  • Lagrangian point: A point in space where the gravitational pull between two large masses provides the amount of centripetal force required to orbit with them.
  • Lambert
  • Lambretta
    • Lynn Lambretta: Vice-president then president of the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club and a skilled hacker.
  • Lamp House: Retro cafe where Marika has a part-time job as a waitress.
  • Launo
  • LCF: A coolant [1].
  • Legendary Chef: Unnamed chef who cooked for the Pirate's Council during the War of Independence.
  • Letter of Marque: A license given to space pirates during the War of Independence that allows them to operate as privateers.
  • Liberty-class: Transport ship class in service during War of Independence.
  • Lightning 11: Armed transport ship which targetted the Odette II and Marika onboard.
  • Liner: Large passenger ship.
  • Lloyd
    • Harold Lloyd: Former head and agent of the Harold Lloyd Insurance Union.
  • Locutus-class: Electronic battleship class.
  • Love Machine: Frontier pirate ship (the 10th ship to receive a Letter of Marque during the War of Independence).
  • Low of War: Frontier pirate ship (the 8th ship to receive a Letter of Marque during the War of Independence).
  • Luca: The Bentenmaru's navigator and seer.
  • Lucky Star: Frontier pirate ship.
  • Luna Lion: Customised vessel owned by Jackie Kelvin. Registered at West Kilia.



  • Nashfall
    • Nat Nashfall: Imperial intelligence officer and Coorie's childhood friend.
  • Navigator: A member of a ship's crew responsible for navigating and plotting a ship's course.
  • Nebula Cup: Annual dinghy race for high school girls held on Calmwind.
  • Neguresu: Glenn Smith-class battleship.
  • Neuschwanstein: Galactic Empire ship.
  • New Okuhama
  • Nine: Captain of the Dark Star.
  • Nora: Barbaroosa deputy officer.



  • Parabellum: Imperial pirate ship captained by Ironbeard.
  • Percy
  • Perseus Arm: A spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, next to the Orion Arm.
  • Phaser Arrow: Military weapon.
  • Pirate: An individual who carries out acts of piracy.
  • Pirate Guild: Pirate organisation active in the frontier regions.
  • Pirate's Nest: A pirate hideout located in an asteroid field.
  • Pirate's Song: A song used to summon pirates to the Pirate's Nest.
  • Pleiades-class: Old battleship class.
  • Port: Nautical term referring to the left side of a ship when facing forward to the bow.
  • Princess Apricot: Cruise liner.



  • Radar: System for scanning surroundings and detecting nearby objects.
  • Rakion: A union of several relatively new arms manufacturing companies.
  • Rhincodon-class: Battleship class.
  • Rock: Hakuchou's communication officer during the last days of the War of Independence.
  • Roubaix Mass: Company manufacturing warships.



  • Tactical Officer: A member of a ship's crew who is in charge of the ship's tactical systems (e.g. weaponry).
  • Talbot-class: A medium battleship class.
  • Tau Ceti: Star in the constellation Cetus, just under 12 light-years from the Sun and spectrally similar.
  • Tau Ceti system: The planetary system around the star Tau Ceti.
  • Ten: Captain of the Love Machine.
  • Touchdown: The moment an aircraft/spacecraft makes contact with the ground during landing. Also, when a spacecraft returns to normal space from subspace, usually after FTL travel.
  • Transponder: A device that broadcasts information on a ship's registration, location and heading.



  • Viracocha: Frontier pirate ship captained by Kachua.


  • War of Independence: War fought between the Colony Federation worlds and their overseers, the Stellar Alliance, 120 years before the series.
  • West Kilia: A location where the Lightning 11 and Luna Lion were registered.
  • White Wind Star: A gas giant and the largest planet of the Tau Ceti system.
  • ‎Witherspoon: Captain of the El Santo.



  • Yasuda
    • Akira Yasuda: AKA Akiman, Character designer for the Mouretsu Pirates anime.
  • Yggdrasil Group: Corporate conglomerate consisting of over 300 sub-companies.
  • Yoshitomi
  • Yunomoto


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