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Fever Mouretsu Pirates (フィーバーモーレツパイレーツ, Fībā Mōretsu Pairētsu), also known as Fever Mouretsu Space Pirates (フィーバーモーレツ宇宙海賊, Fībā Mōretsu Uchū Kaizoku) and Fever Bodacious Space Pirates, is a collaboration project with Sankyo-Fever, primarily consisting of a pachinko games machine themed after the series, which was released in arcades in Japan in June 2014, with installations set to continue until March 2017 [1].


  • Fever Mouretsu Pirates R
  • Fever Mouretsu Pirates S
  • Fever Mouretsu Pirates YR

Themed after Mouretsu Pirates, the machine features scenes from the anime which appear on the screen during play, together with several new animated scenes. Aside from various illuminated signs, the machine also features a series logo, Bentenmaru emblem and Hakuoh emblem which extend over the screen and move when certain criteria are fulfilled.

There are three variants of the machine with different designs, designated 'R', 'S' and 'YR'.


In Fever Mouretsu Pirates, gameplay primarily takes place on one of several main stages located on the Sea of the Morning Star (these include a street in New Okuhama City, Marika's home, a Hakuoh Academy classroom, and the yacht club's simulators or clubroom). The primary aim of the game is to time the release and aiming of balls passing through the machine, such that the slots on the screen align, either with the same colour or the same number/character. When Reach is achieved, a mission or event starts up. Successfully continuing further will begin a Galaxy Episode and the Mouretsu Battle Mode, however failure will bring the player back to the normal stages. After a mission or a Galaxy Episode battle is successfully completed, a bonus mode called Gachitime (ガチタイム, Gachitaimu) will play before normal play continues. A chibi-style character (e.g. Marika, Chiaki, Kane, Misa, Schnitzer, Ai, Show) stands in the lower-left corner of the screen who observes and sometimes interacts with the game (e.g. throwing a bomb at a certain slot or reacting to success/failure).

Image Slot Number Slot Colour Character (Normal) Character (Galaxy Episode)
Fever - Ai Slot
1 Green Ai Hoshimiya Luca
Fever - Jenny Slot
2 Blue Jenny Dolittle Schnitzer
Fever - Chiaki Slot
3 Green Chiaki Kurihara Ririka Kato
Fever - Kane Slot
4 Blue Kane McDougal Kane McDougal
Fever - Gruier Slot
5 Green Gruier Serenity Coorie
Fever - Mami Slot
6 Blue Mami Endo Hyakume
Fever - Marika Slot
7 Red (Special) Marika Kato Marika Kato
Fever - Lynn Slot
8 Blue Lynn Lambretta San-Daime
Fever - Misa Slot
9 Green Misa Grandwood Misa Grandwood

Normal StagesEdit

Image Stage BGM Notes
Fever - Street
New Okuhama City street Unverified Track (Remix) Marika is walking her bike along a riverside street in New Okuhama City.
Fever - Classroom
Hakuoh Academy classroom Hatsuratsu na Nichijou [2] (Remix) Marika is attending a class at Hakuoh Academy, taught by Kane.
Fever - Clubroom
Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club clubroom Yume no Arika (Remix) [2] Marika and the rest of the yacht club are relaxing in their clubroom.
Fever - Simulators
Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club simulators Zensen Sentou Taisei [3] (Remix)
Fever - Campus
Hakuoh Academy campus Unverified Track
Fever - Lamp House
Lamp House Kakemochi Marika [3] On this stage, the slot characters are dressed as waiters and waitresses. The various agents who gathered in the café the day after Marika learned of her pirate heritage are present [4].
Fever - Dock
Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station dock Hanabanashii Uchuu [2] The Bentenmaru is moored at a dock on the relay station. No characters appear on the slots on this stage. This stage usually appears after a failed Galaxy Episode.
Fever - Kato House
Kato House Unverified Track (Remix) At night, Marika is reading in the sitting room while Ririka is preparing something in the kitchen.
Fever - Sea
Sea Tatakau Yotto-bu [2] On this stage, the slot characters are windsurfing and slightly differ from the normal selection.


At various points during the game, the machine will indicate when certain conditions have been fulfilled or certain chances are coming up. These indications, also referred to as Notices (予告, Yokoku), may either be on the screen or involve the moving and lit parts of the machine itself.

Image Name Notes
Fever - Impact Skull
Impact Skull (インパクトドクロ, Inpakutodokuro) A shaking skull which drops down from the top of the screen. It usually accompanies the player getting a jackpot and can lead to an Episode Reach normally. It often activates when a player succeeds in taking down an enemy ship in the Galaxy Episode and Mouretsu Battle Mode [5].
Fever - Spin Emblem
Spin Emblem (スピンエンブレム, Supin'enburemu) A spinning emblem on the right side of the sceen, with the Bentenmaru's emblem on one side and the Hakuoh Academy emblem on the other, which can move over the screen. Which side faces the player depends on the current state of the game. When it activated, it signifies a Super Reach (スーパーリーチ, Sūpārīchi). When it deploys and switches to the Bentenmaru's emblem, there is an increased chance of a scene with a 3D CG Marika appearing [5].
Fever - Mouretsu Sign
Mouretsu Sign (モーレツ役モノ, Mōretsu Yakumono) A title-style Mouretsu sign which emerges from the left side of the screen. It's deployment indicates an increased chance for Gekiatsu (激アツ, Gekiatsu) [5].
Fever - FTL Jump
FTL Jump (超光速跳躍, Chōkōsoku Chōyaku) The chance for this occurs during a sequence of Pirate Reach missions leading to an Episode Reach mission. If the player gets the timing with the V-Controller right, they can have the Bentenmaru perform an FTL jump, breaking through the panel and bypassing one stage, eventually leading to the Episode Reach [5].
Fever - Infinity Time
Infinity Time (インフィニティータイム, Infinitītaimu)
Fever - Revolution Chance
Revolution Chance (レボリューションチャンス, Reboryūshonchansu)
Fever - Skull Kroon
Skull Kroon Mode (ドクロクルーンモード, Dokurokurūnmōdo)
Fever - Name Scene
Name Scene Notice (名シーン予告, Mei Shīn Yokoku) The animation for this notice is an altered version of Marika's plan of action after the Bentenmaru's skirmish with two Serenity Corbacks during the search for the Golden Ghost Ship [6]
Fever - Group Notice
Group Notice (群予告, Gun Yokoku) A group of chibi Marikas and Chiakis run down across the screen [5].
Fever - Pending Change
Pending Look-ahead Notice (保留先読み予告, Horyū Sakiyomi Yokoku)/Pending Change Notice (保留変化予告, Horyū Henka Yokoku) On the bottom of the game's screen there is a line of coloured balls (blue, green and red like the slots, and light blue), which moves along each time the slots roll. Depending on the slot results and other factors, different balls are added to the end of the line. The colour of the ball in the centre of the screen indicates whether or not the player has a chance of achieving something extra. Green indicates a chance, while a red change accompanies Gekiatsu [5].
Fever - Intro Notice
Intro Notice(イントロ予告, Intoro Yokoku) This notice takes the form of an opening-style sequence, accompanied by either the anime's opening or ending theme; Mugen no Ai or Lost Child [5].
Fever - Eyecatch Notice
Eyecatch Notice (アイキャッチ予告, Aikyatchi Yokoku)
Fever - Fruit Pattern
Fruit Pattern (フルーツ柄, Furūtsu-gara)

Missions and EventsEdit

Fever - CG Marika

It's time for some piracy!

The missions, accessed after fulfilling conditions on the main stage and achieving Reach (リーチ, Rīchi), are accompanied by various animated scenes, including an intro scene with a CG Marika when Pirate Reach is achieved. Missions include the Bentenmaru under fire and having to perform an FTL jump to escape, a swordfight with Captain Harley (as opposed to Kane), the Hakuoh Pirates rescuing Jenny from the altar, Marika rushing to catch the shuttle from the airport, electronic warfare and the Bentenmaru exchanging fire with a fleet of warships. The missions are ranked, depending on difficulty and what they can lead to if successful, out of 5 stars.

The missions and events which appear depend on the type of Reach achieved. The types of Reach include:

  • Long Reach (ロングリーチ, Rongurīchi)
  • Pirate Reach, Bentenmaru Crew Version (海賊リーチ 弁天丸クルーVer., Kaizoku Rīchi Bentenmaru Kurū Ver)
  • Pirate Reach, Schoolgirl Version (海賊リーチ 女子高生Ver., Kaizoku Rīchi Mesukōsei Ver.)
  • Pirate Reach, Common Chance Up (海賊リーチ中の共通チャンスアップ, Kaizoku Rīchi-chū no Kyōtsū Chansu Appu)
  • Silent Whisper Reach (サイレントウィスパーリーチ, Sairentou~isupārīchi)
  • Nebula Cup Reach (ネビュラカップリーチ, Nebyurakappurīchi)
  • Legendary Woman Pirate, Blaster Ririka Reach (伝説の女海賊ブラスター・リリカリーチ, Densetsu no On'na Kaizoku Burasutā Ririkarīchi)
  • Episode Reach (エピソードリーチ, Episōdorīchi)
  • Marika Special Reach (茉莉香スペシャルリーチ, Marika Supesharurīchi)
  • Full Rotation Reach (全回転リーチ, Zen Kaiten Rīchi)

Aside from Reach-related events, there are also several other events:

  • Mouretsu Slot Chance (モーレツスロットチャンス, Mōretsusurottochansu)
  • Short Story (ショートストーリー, Shōtosutōrī): A short event similar to the Reach events, though short stories are ranked by hearts instead of stars.
Image Name Type Notes
Fever - Simulator
Simulator Training (シミュレーター訓練, Shimyurētā Kunren) Long Reach 1 Marika is using the yacht club's dinghy simulator for training when she runs into problems. Whether or not she manages to fix them in time depends on the player. This mission is similar to the simulator training program Marika was taking on the day she learnt of her pirate heritage [4].
Fever - Cleaning
Bentenmaru Cleaning Operation (弁天丸お掃除大作戦, Bentenmaru o Sōji Dai Sakusen) Long Reach 1 This mission is an altered version of Marika cleaning the Bentenmaru before the crew return [7].
Fever - Firearms Training
Marika's Determination (茉莉香の決意, Marika no Ketsui) Long Reach 1.5 This mission is an altered version of Marika's first firearms training session with Ririka [8].
Fever - Slot Chance
Mouretsu Slot Chance (モーレツスロットチャンス, Mōretsusurottochansu) Mouretsu Slot Chance 3.5 [9] Under certain conditions, a Cat-Monkey carrying a coin can drop from the top of the screen. If the character on the screen notices it before it can run off, it will pounce on it and after a brief struggle, grab the coin from it. The coin is then used to start a slot machine with the results left to the player.
Fever - Replacement Crew
Search for an Excellent Crew (優秀なクルーを探せ, Yūshūna Kurū o Sagase) Short Story 2 This short story is an alternate version of Marika's search for a replacement crew after the Bentenmaru crew were quarantined [10]
Fever - Hurry
Reaching the Bentenmaru (弁天丸に辿り着け, Bentenmaru ni Tadori Tsuke) Short Story 3 Marika hurries to the airport in order to catch a shuttle to the Bentenmaru for a sudden job. Whether or not she makes it on time depends on the player.
Fever - Pursuit
Escape from Pursuers (追っ手から逃げろ, Otte Kara Nigero) Short Story 3 This short story is an alternate version of Chiaki rescuing Marika from would-be kidnappers at Lamp House after she learnt of her pirate heritage [4]
Fever - Approval
New Captain's Approval (新船長の承認, Shin Senchō no Shōnin) Short Story 4 This short story is an alternate version of when Marika first obtained her Letter of Marque [11]
Fever - Resolve
Conveying Resolve (決意を伝えろ, Ketsui o Tsutaero) Short Story 5
Fever - FTL Bridge
Kickoff! Hakuoh Pirates (出陣!白凰海賊団, Shutsujin! Hakuoh Kaizoku-dan) Pirate Reach, Schoolgirl Version 2.5 As the yacht club crew the Bentenmaru, military ships are closing in. Marika decides to have the Bentenmaru perform an FTL jump to escape, with success depending on the player. This mission is an altered version of the yacht club's first time flying the Bentenmaru [12].
  • Success: The Bentenmaru jumps to safety.
  • Fail: The Bentenmaru is hit by enemy fire.
Fever - Dream Dinghy
Close call!? Marika's Lone Struggle (危機一髪!?茉莉香の孤独な闘い, Kikiippatsu!? Marika no Kodokuna Tatakai) Pirate Reach, Bentenmaru crew Version 2.5 Marika is flying a dinghy in space when she comes under fire and tries to avoid being shot down, with the player deciding the outcome. This mission is an altered version of one of Marika's dreams [13].
  • Success: Marika manages to avoid being shot down.
  • Fail: Marika's dinghy is hit.
  • Other: Mami wakes Marika from her dream.
Fever - Raid Bentenmaru Version
Fever - Raid Sword Fight
Raid! Princess Apricot ~Bentenmaru Pirate Chapter~ (襲撃!プリンセス・アプリコット号~弁天丸海賊編~, Shūgeki! Purinsesu Apurikotto-gō ~ Bentenmaru Kaizoku-hen ~) Pirate Reach, Bentenmaru crew Version 3 The Bentenmaru performs a raid on the Princess Apricot. As the bridge crew board the liner, Captain Ronald Harley challenges Marika to a swordfight with the outcome resting with the player. This mission is an altered version of the events seen in Marika's first pirate raid [11].
  • Success: Marika wins the swordfight and orders the passengers to hand our their prize.
  • Fail: Captain Harley disarms Marika and orders her to leave.
  • Other: Captain Harley disarms Marika but Marika shoots him with a hidden gun.
Fever - Raid Yacht Club Version
Raid! Princess Apricot ~Cosplay Pirate Chapter~ (襲撃!プリンセス・アプリコット号~コスプレ海賊編~, Shūgeki! Purinsesu Apurikotto-gō ~ Kosupure Kaizoku-hen ~) Pirate Reach, Schoolgirl Version 3 The Bentenmaru performs a raid on the Princess Apricot with the yacht club standing in for the Bentenmaru crew. As the Hakuoh Pirates board the liner, Captain Ronald Harley challenges Marika to a swordfight with the outcome resting with the player. This mission is an altered version of the events seen in the Hakuoh Pirates Arc with elements from Marika's first pirate raid [14][11].
  • Success: Marika wins the swordfight and orders the passengers to hand our their prize.
  • Fail: Captain Harley disarms Marika and orders her to leave.
  • Other: Captain Harley disarms Marika but Marika shoots him with a hidden gun.
Fever - Fleet Battle Start
Clash! Serenity large fleet (激突!セレニティ大艦隊, Gekitotsu! Sereniti Dai Kantai) Pirate Reach, Bentenmaru crew Version 3.5 The Bentenmaru is involved in a battle with a fleet of three Serenity warships. The battle begins with the enemy ships opening fire and the Bentenmaru deploying beam dispersers to avoid a direct hit. Marika then decides to counterattack and orders. Evading further fire, the Bentenmaru scores hits on two ships before firing at full power at the last enemy which also fires. The two beams clash and the result depends on whether the player succeeds:
  • Success: The Bentenmaru's shot breaks through and hits the enemy ship.
  • Fail: The enemy shot breaks through and strikes the Bentenmaru's stern.
Fever - Jenny Rescue
Surprising request!? Jenny recapture strategy (意外な依頼!?ジェニー奪還作戦, Igaina Irai!? Jenī Dakkan Sakusen) Pirate Reach, Schoolgirl Version 3.5 Marika and the Hakuoh Pirates attempt to rescue Jenny from the altar. After boarding the ship, they arrive in time to interrupt the ceremony. As they flee with Jenny, Robert Dolittle orders his men to pursue them, leading to a shootout as the yacht club attempts to escape with the outcome depending on the player. This mission is an altered version of the events seen in the Hakuoh Pirates Arc [15][16].
  • Success: The crew break through to safety and Jenny hugs Lynn in happiness.
  • Fail: The crew are surrounded by enemies.
Fever - Silent Whisper EW
Silent Whisper Reach 3 [17] Marika carries out electronic warfare with a chibified avatar fighting in cyberspace.
  • Success: Marika's avatar overcomes the enemy and gains control of the system.
  • Fail: Marika's avatar is overcome by the avatar representing the enemy's EW.
Fever - Nebula Cup Trials
Nebula Cup Reach 3 This mission is an altered version of the yacht club's selection trials for the Nebula Cup [18].
Fever - Nebula Cup
The 19th Nebula Cup Nebula Cup Reach 4 Following on from the trials, this mission is an altered version of the events at the 19th Nebula Cup [19].
  • Success: The Bentenmaru shoots down the Bisque craft and succeeds in recovering Marika.
  • Fail: The Bisque craft scores a hit on Marika's dinghy.
Fever - Blaster Ririka's Mission
Legendary Woman Pirate, Blaster Ririka (伝説の女海賊 ブラスター・リリカ, Densetsu no On'na Kaizoku Burasutā Ririka) Legendary Woman Pirate, Blaster Ririka Reach 4 A mission taking place during Ririka's pirating days. Blaster Ririka and the Bentenmaru pirates board another pirating ship and engage the enemy crew. Seeing Ririka easily dispatching his men, the enemy captain flees and tries to close a bulkhead door between him and her, calling her a monster. Ririka rushes and jumps to get through the door before it shuts with the outcome depending on the player.
  • Success: Ririka gets through the door and holds up the enemy captain.
  • Fail: The door closes before Ririka can get through it.
Fever - Golden Ghost Ship
The Golden Ghost Ship Awakens (黄金の幽霊船目覚める, Ougon no Yūreisen Mezameru) Episode Reach 4 On the Golden Ghost Ship, a boarding party from the Bentenmaru comes up against a Serenity boarding party. This mission is an altered version of the climax of the search for the Golden Ghost Ship [20].
  • Success: The pirates overcome the Serenity forces.
  • Fail: The Serenity forces overcome the pirates.
  • Other: After a struggle, both sides come to a resolution, as happened in the series proper.
Fever - Grand Cross Final Battle
Final Battle! Mobile Battleship Grand Cross (最終決戦!機動戦艦グランドクロス, Saishū Kessen! Kidōsenkan Gurandokurosu) Episode Reach 4 The Bentenmaru participates with the other pirates in a battle against a final battle against the Grand Cross. This mission is an altered version of the final battle with the Grand Cross [21].
  • Success: The Grand Cross is destroyed.
  • Fail: The Bentenmaru is hit.
  • Other: The Bentenmaru nearly loses but Chiaki encourages Marika not to give up and she ultimately wins.
Fever - Marika Special Reach
Marika Special Reach 4.5
Fever - Full Rotation Reach
Full Rotation Reach 5

Galaxy EpisodeEdit

There are also Galaxy Episodes (ギャラクシーエピソード, Gyarakushī Episōdo), which make up an original story mode, featuring battles (both swordfights and ship battles) between Marika and other pirate captains from the anime (including Stone, Koja, Kachua, Witherspoon, Master Dragon, Eight/Nine/Ten, Ironbeard, Quartz Christie, Hammer Khan and two secret opponents (Blaster Ririka and Chiaki Kurihara)).

The Galaxy Episode opens with a cutscene featuring a challenge to the Bentenmaru from the episode's opponent. Afterwards, gameplay shifts to Mouretsu Battle Mode (モーレツバトルモード, Mōretsubatorumōdo). As the Bentenmaru flies through space, the player must fulfill the conditions necessary to reach their opponent before they run out of chances. The battle will take the form of a ship battle or a swordfight depending on the circumstances. Under certain conditions, the player may also enter FTL Jump Mode (超光速跳躍モード, Chōkōsoku Chōyaku Mōdo) or Odette Grand Voyage Mode (オデット大航海モード, Odetto Dai Kōkai Mōdo) before the encounter.

Image Battle Type Notes
Fever Galaxy - First Attack
Fever Galaxy - Beam Clash
Ship Battle

Fleet Warfare (Episode Battle) (艦隊戦(エピソードバトル), Kantai-sen (Episōdobatoru))

The Bentenmaru engages the enemy ship in combat. Depending on the circumstances, one of the ships will launch the first attack while the other ship will either defend (with Beam Dispersers or Shields) or receive a glancing blow (this only occurs for the enemy). The second attack will either result in a beam clash or a direct hit. When the beams clash, the player's action determines whether the Bentenmaru is hit or the enemy is hit. Under certain circumstances, the outcome can be overturned by Coorie's Electronic Warfare.
Fever - Stone Swordfight
Fever Galaxy - Finisher

Boarding (Roundup Battle) (白兵戦(ラウンドアップバトル), Hakuheisen (Raundoappubatoru), lit. Close combat)

Marika engages the enemy captain in a swordfight, in some cases after dispatching some enemy crewmen. The player has three chances to land a blow with their success determining the after-battle roulette (BIG for a successful hit, REG otherwise) - the first two blows determine a 1/4, while the final deciding blow determines 1/2. Under certain circumstances, Marika can finish the opponent with a special 'Marika-style' technique, Victory Blade (ビクトリーブレード, Bikutorīburēdo).
# Image Enemy Captain Enemy Ship Notes
Fever - VS Stone
Stone Big Catch
Fever - VS Koja
Koja Lucky Star
Fever - VS Master Dragon
Master Dragon Shangri-La
Fever - VS Kachua
Kachua Viracocha
Fever - VS Witherspoon
Ben Witherspoon El Santo
Fever - VS Hammer Khan
Hammer Khan Back Slash
Fever - VS Eight Nine Ten
Eight, Nine & Ten Low of War, Dark Star & Love Machine
Fever - VS Quartz Christie
Quartz Christie Grand Cross Uses Shields rather than Beam Dispersers when countering pre-emptive strikes
Fever - VS Ironbeard
Ironbeard Parabellum
Fever - VS Blaster Ririka
Blaster Ririka Bentenmaru (past)
Fever - VS Captain Chiaki
Chiaki Kurihara Barbaroosa Encounter repeats through subsequent Galaxy Episodes until the player loses or quits.

If the player is successful and defeats their opponent, Gachitime occurs before the game resumes. However the right conditions are fulfilled, a Round-Up Challenge (ラウンドアップチャレンジ, Raundoappucharenji) may occur before Gachitime. In it, the player repeatedly hits the button in order to have a chibified Marika defeat as many chibi Shows as possible using a charged shot or a paper fan. Their success determines the ratio for the subsequent Gachitime [22].


Aside from animated scenes, the machine also plays various music tracks from the series and others, including [23]:


Fever Mouretsu Pirates OST CD Cover

Fever Mouretsu Pirates OST Cover

On May 12th 2014, the website for the Fever Mouretsu Pirates project opened and began development [24].

Starting from June 9th 2014, a section opened on the official site regarding a secret event in the game, involving the Galaxy Episode confrontations with the pirate captains. The page went through the various enemies, with a new enemy and secret section (numbered out of 22) daily, finishing on June 20th 2014 [25].

An original soundtrack CD for Fever Mouretsu Pirates has also been released [26]. An official guidebook has also been released in some of the pachinko parlours which run the machines.

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