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Fairy Jane (フェアリージェーン, Fearījēn) is an interstellar travel company started by Jenny Dolittle.


Fairy Jane is a small interstellar travel company, currently part of a group of companies. However it is one of the fastest growing travel companies around with profits of around fifty trillion per year [1].

Fairy Jane - Bentenmaru Canned Drink

Canned Green Tea

The company also sells a few promotional products, such as a canned drink themed to link into their collaboration with the Bentenmaru [2].


Jenny Dolittle started Fairy Jane at some point prior to the Hakuoh Pirates Arc, though she was able to devote much time to it [1]. This worsened the existing conflict between her father, Jonathan Dolittle, and her uncle, Robert Dolittle, who had been fighting for control of Hugh and Dolittle Interstellar Transportation for a long time [3].

Hakuoh Pirates Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

When Robert Dolittle attempted to force Jenny Dolittle into an arranged marriage to remove the threat she posed to him, Jenny escaped to the Bentenmaru, whom she intended to hire to escort her to Space University, where she was planning to study and acquire skills that would help her run the company. Part of Jenny's payment for the job included 10% of the annual profit from Fairy Jane for the next 10 years [1].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

During the spring break before Marika's third year at Hakuoh Academy, Jenny sent the Bentenmaru a job request for a pirate raid on one of Fairy Jane's liners, Begin The Beguine. Marika accepted her request and made a little request of her own after seeing Kanata Mugen's name on the passenger list [4][2]. Around the same time, Fairy Jane and Harold Lloyd were losing a fair number of jobs due to a series of subspace accidents and other occurrences in the market, which was later revealed to be the work of the Yggdrasil Group [2].

Following the events concerning the search for Professor Mugen's legacy, Fairy Jane and Serenity absorbed companies that were part of the Yggdrasil Group [2].




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