Sailing 26 - Ending Quote

Sailing 26's Ending Quote

At the end of each episode of Mouretsu Pirates, after the ending credits, a quote from the episode is shown in the style of the Letter of Marque. This is a list of those quotes and where they are from.

Recruitment ArcEdit

Sailing 01Edit

"Who ever heard of a legal pirate!?" (Marika after thinking about the conversation at dinner earlier)

Sailing 02Edit

"Make the best decision you can!" (Marika, resolving to enter into electronic warfare against the attackers)

Sailing 03Edit

"Everyone's just a dot in space." (Marika, during the spacewalk)

Sailing 04Edit

"Breakfast beats worrying." (Kane, to Marika and Chiaki, after hearing about the ghost ship)

Sailing 05Edit

"Begin combat operations." (Marika, as the yacht club prepare to begin electronic warfare)

Sailing 06Edit

"But you are not alone in space" (Chiaki, thinking back on her training session with Marika)

Golden Ghost Ship ArcEdit

Sailing 07Edit

"There are times when trying harder isn't enough." (Misa, to Marika, in response to her saying she'll try harder)

Sailing 08Edit

"Captain! Your orders?" (Hyakume, to Marika, regarding the situation at the end)

Sailing 09Edit

"The illegal skill 'faking attendance'" (what Gruier came to the yacht club for)

Sailing 10Edit

"Pursue, beat them to it, and take a piece of the action!" (Marika's plan of action)

Sailing 11Edit

"We'll take the impact from the bow."

Sailing 12Edit

"Everything works out when you're a pirate!" (Marika, after everything works out for the best)

Sailing 13Edit

"I don't know yet." (Gruier, to Ririka, regarding what she wishes to do in the future)

Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

Sailing 14Edit

"What do you think is most important?" (Kenjo to Marika, regarding what makes a good crewman)

Sailing 15Edit

"Phow-phan!" (Marika saying "Show-san" with a mouthful of sweets)

Sailing 16Edit

"Let's ask her ourselves." (Marika, to Chiaki, Gruier and Grunhilde, regarding Lynn)

Sailing 17Edit

"Then let's take them out." (Marika, regarding their enemy)

Sailing 18Edit

"I love chikuwa!" (Marika, regarding dinner)

Nebula Cup ArcEdit

Sailing 19Edit

"Collecting garbage, gravity on! Moving garbage, gravity off!" (Marika's notice, following a mess in the cabins)

Sailing 20Edit

"My treat." (Coach Kane(?), regarding taking the yacht club to Lamp House)

Sailing 21Edit

"Every sailor should know how!" (Ai, regarding navigating by the stars)

Pirate Hunter ArcEdit

Sailing 22Edit

"The time has come!" (Ironbeard's declaration)

Sailing 23Edit

"If you want a fight, you've got one!" (Marika accepting Quartz's challenge)

Sailing 24Edit

"Make out the receipt to the Bentenmaru." (Coorie buying new parts)

Sailing 25Edit

"Dad, I'll kill you!" (Chiaki being reminded of the shame she went through)

Sailing 26Edit

"Let's meet again." (Quartz after escaping, regarding Marika)

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit