The Colony Federation (植民星連合, Shokuminsei Rengō) were a group of colonial worlds who rebelled against their overseers, the Stellar Alliance, triggering the War of Independence. At the end of the war, both sides were absorbed by the Galactic Empire [1].


Until the War of Independence, the planets of the Colony Federation used the Stellar Alliance's calendar, but after war broke out, they switched to the New Calendar (starting from the year the first of its planets, the Sea of the Forest Star, was colonized [2]). After the war concluded, they both switched to the Galactic Standard calendar, though the New Calendar was still used for certain government documents [2].


The Colony Federation consisted of a group of colonial worlds, originally governed by a group of suzerain planets, the Stellar Alliance. As time passed and populations grew, relationships between the two worsened. Eventually the colonies banded together and rebelled, leading to the War of Independence. During the war, the governments of certain colony worlds, such as the Sea of the Morning Star, issued Letters of Marque to space pirates to supplement their forces [3]. Their military headquarters was located on the Sea of the Morning Star due to its distance from the enemy [4].

In the last days of the war, both sides were overwhelmed by the massive forces of the Galactic Empire. However in a last attempt to defeat their enemies, the Stellar Alliance intended to use their incomplete superweapon, the Stellar Slayer, as a supernova bomb, causing immense devastation to an area light-years across. The Colony Federation discovered this plan and managed to thwart it with the aid of their pirates in a battle over Garnet A [5].

Not long afterwards, both sides surrendered and were absorbed by the Galactic Empire [1].

Known MembersEdit

The Colony Federation consisted of 4 colonised planets, 2 planets in development and various space cities and relay stations [6].

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