The Alcyon was a Pleiades-class battleship belonging to the Colony Federation military. It went down during the War of Independence 120 years ago.


Anime DesignEdit

The Alcyon had a cone and cylinder shape common to many rockets, with four fins at the rear. The bridge was located just behind the nose cone. Behind the bridge were two turrets with three cannons each, on the upper starboard and port side, with what may have been a single cannon on the underside of the hull. There was a docking bay behind the guns on the side of the ship. On the edge of each of the four fins were an additional engine with a cone at the front. The central engine appeared to have four nozzles [1].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Alcyon had at least two turrets with three cannons each, as seen from its design and possibly one single cannon as well [2].


The Alcyon was part of the Colony Federation's fleet during the War of Independence and is reported to have been lost 120 years ago. No bodies were recovered and the ship itself wasn't found [3]. However, there have been several sightings by various people.

The ship's hull plans were used by the Lightning 11 together with a small stealth unit to fake the Alcyon's radar signature, which was picked up on a high-frequency scan by the Odette II [4].


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